Privacy and Cloud Storage


How Important is Privacy?

In this digital age and as our presence online grows, the idea of data privacy has become more and more important. Data is more complex and more available than ever before. All of your images and video stored online have the potential to be accessed, sometimes by the companies used to store them. Your media is your own and should remain that way. 

What do you need to look for?

Each online storage company has end-user agreements that each of us is required to sign in order to use their products. When was the last time you actually read one? I know for me, in the past I didn’t read them, but I have now started reading them before I click accept. Your privacy is usually not the first priority of most companies. Many of the services are free, but the truth is that if the service is free, you are the product.

Some of the agreements I have seen, give the company access and rights to your digital data. There are other agreements that expressly declare that their service is not intended for a reliable backup. If you are paying for the service, there is the question of what happens if that payment is interrupted? Thousands of pictures have been lost in these cases.

Through FOREVER, the storage you purchase is yours. You own it instead of the rental agreement from other sites. It is backed up, encrypted, private, and the safest place to store your cherished memories.

Privacy and Sharing

Another question to consider is: How easy is it to share your media? Through FOREVER you can choose who can see or even add to your media. Internal controls can grant certain levels of access from a more informal friends and family role up to an account manager who can help manage and maintain your account. All of this creates privacy for your memories from everyone who you haven’t allowed into your account.

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