Photobooks and Sharing Your Memories


Who doesn’t enjoy looking through old photos and remembering past vacations, holidays, or family events? Photos kept in the top of the closet or the back of a cupboard make it hard to appreciate them.
The key is having the pictures in albums or photobooks to make them easier to access. Historical photobooks are only one type available. There are many different options for sharing and enjoying your pictures.

Ideas for Photobooks

Heritage Photobooks With new digital tools, making photobooks has never been easier! Beyond telling a chronological story, there are many other projects you can make. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Heritage or Family History – Remember your ancestors and their wonderful lives
  • Celebration – Enjoy the special events in your life
  • Vacation – Document the fun times and magnificent sights from a vacation
  • Wedding – Celebrate weddings and the joy of the event
  • Childhood – Highlight your child’s life
  • Gift – Share your memories, appreciation, or special moments with others
  • School/Graduation – Focus on school achievement and graduation

What to Look For when choosing a Photobook Printer

Binding options for photobooks All of these wonderful photobook ideas have the potential to showcase your priceless memories and be
enjoyed for a very long time. Therefore, the quality of the final product is essential to their endurance.
You want to choose the highest quality for your printing.

FOREVER photobooks are made from premium archival paper and are have sewn bindings for books up
to 60 pages. Books over 60 pages use PUR glue. There are different options including: standard binding, hinged lay-flat
binding, and seamless layflat books. You can also choose gloss or matte laminate cover finishes (for hardback books only). FOREVER also has several options for designing. You can select your pictures and have the book made for you “automagically” in AutoPrint or you can add your pictures to predesigned templates in Design & Print. If you love complete flexibility and creativity, you can use Artisan 6 (our design software).

Your First Photobook

Where will you start? Preserve and share your memories in quality photobooks. Get started today! If you would like ideas and help getting started be sure to contact me!

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