Memory-Keeping Goals

2022 is off to a good start. Can you believe January is already over? At the beginning of the year, did you set any goals? Were any of them memory-keeping goals? If you did, how are they going? If not, it’s never too late. Now is a great time to set goals to tackle your memory-keeping challenges.

Possible Memory-Keeping Goals

There are any number of goals you could set surrounding your memories. The important part is to be specific and make the goal small enough to be easy to accomplish. Making the goal to organize
all of your memory-keeping items is too big and may be difficult to accomplish in a specific time. 

Here are some possible goals:

How to Be Successful with Your Memory-Keeping Goals

It is much easier to make a goal that seeks to accomplish a large project. Unfortunately, big goals come
with the complication of long schedules and many tasks. Many experts suggest breaking larger goals into smaller, easily accomplished tasks. This allows for consistency and a sense of accomplishment when part of the goal is finished.

Here are some other benefits of setting small goals and consistently working on them:

  • Remember where you left off because the last time you were working on the project was yesterday (or only a few days ago).
  • Reinforce the skills and knowledge needed to accomplish the task without having to relearn each time you return to your project.
  • Train your brain (using small increments of time trains your mind to be okay with spending the
  • Using those small bits of time that we all have for accomplishing your goals is a more productive use of time than some other things we tend to waste our time on when we are not focused.
  • Committing to working on your project for a small time period each day feels less overwhelming than spending hours of time.
  • When you are successful at being consistent, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Now is a great time to set or recommit to your memory-keeping goals! If you need any more help or suggestions, feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you would like to accomplish.

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