Gifts for parents

This week I am visiting my dad to help take care of him after a hospital stay. My visit has me thinking about the upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. What gifts can you give to your parents? What do you give to the person who has everything? The answer is, of course, memories! Here are some ideas about how to incorporate memory-keeping into your gift-giving.


The first gift idea to give your parents is digitization. Help them to get their older photos and videos digitized so that they will be preserved even after your parents are gone. Your parents probably don’t need more “stuff” but would probably love for you to help them take care of the “stuff” they already have! 

PERMANENT Storage for their memories

Another gift to consider giving your parents is PERMANENT cloud storage for their photos and videos. This will help them to have peace of mind that their memory-keeping items will be preserved and can be enjoyed long after they are gone.

Photo Projects

Perhaps the most meaningful gift you could give your parents is a photo gift. Consider printing a project using photos that are meaningful to them. Whether it’s a mug or glass with their grandchildren on it or a book that tells part of their story with photos, everyone loves to receive thoughtful gifts that are individualized to them! There are so many choices of gifts that can be printed: mousepads, magnets, ornaments, mugs, frosted glasses, coasters, tabletop panels, metal prints, acrylic prints, canvases, calendars, and of course books!

Family History Research

Are your parents interested in genealogy, but don’t have the time or knowledge to find their family history? Another gift that they might enjoy is the services of a genealogist. Even if they like to do their own research, maybe they would like a consultation or maybe they have hit that “brick wall” and need help from someone with more expertise in a specific area.

Gift Certificates

You can always give gift certificates to your parents, but make sure that the gift certificate you give will be for something they will actually use and enjoy. You can give gift certificates for any of the ideas listed here or for their favorite restaurant or theater. Experiences are always a good gift idea for the person who has all the “stuff” that they need.

Your Time

Finally, a wonderful gift idea for your parents is your time. Consider offering to help them with a project that they are struggling to complete. Maybe you can offer to help them organize that box of photos to prepare for getting them digitized. Or you could offer to help them learn how to use their cloud storage solution so they can tell the stories that go with the photos and videos that they are preserving. Help them to create books that have the stories from their life or their ancestors’ lives. Often giving your time is one of the most appreciated gift you can give! 

Feel free to contact me with questions about memory-keeping gifts that you could give to your parents!

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