Holiday Memory-Keeping

Holiday Memory-Keeping Ideas

Holiday Memory-Keeping is something we think about in December, but what about recording those special moments from other holidays throughout the year? Recording the traditions and activities that you enjoy with your family and friends will help to tell your story and bring you joy. So what kinds of things should you take photos of and record the details about? 

Holiday Food

Every holiday seems to have specific foods that we associate with that day; your holiday memory-keeping should record those foods. What are your family’s traditions around food? Do you always have corn on the cob and watermelon on the 4th of July? Maybe your mom always made a cake decorated like the flag and now you carry on that tradition. Make sure that you take pictures of those foods – making the food and eating the food. Write down the recipes and save them in your FOREVER storage account so future generations will have them.

Holiday Activities

Holiday memory-keeping, of course, should record the activities that you participate in. Does your neighborhood have a 4th of July breakfast? Do you watch a parade or fireworks? Make sure to take photos and videos of those activities that make that holiday special.

Holiday Memory-Keeping about Places/Decorations

Many holidays involve going to special places and those should be part of your holiday memory-keeping as well. Do you have a barbeque in your backyard every year? Maybe your mom decorates her house in red, white, and blue for the month of July. Make sure to take photos of those places and especially the fun decor that adds to the special memories of that holiday.

Holiday Memory-Keeping about People

Perhaps the most important things to include in your holiday memory-keeping are photos and videos of the people you are celebrating with. Record the games that the kids are playing while the grown-ups are talking. Interview grandma about her memories of the holiday from when she was a kid. The loved ones are really the reason for any memory-keeping we do!

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Holiday Memory-Keeping

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