Memory-Keeping Software

Memory-Keeping Software

If you have ever tried to organize your files using a Windows file structure, you know how limiting that can be. Instead, I recommend using a memory-keeping software program that has organizing features that help you to organize and tell the stories that go with your photos so that you can easily find your memory files. Software may be a stand-alone software program or it may be part of a cloud-based storage account. So, what features are good to look for when deciding on organizational software?

Albums for Memory-Keeping

In your memory-keeping software, you will want to be able to group your memory files with like items. Often this grouping is called and album. Maybe it’s all of the files that were taken in a specific year, or maybe it’s the photos from that recent trip. A bonus feature is if files can be in more that one album without having to have multiple copies of the same file.

Tags for Memory-Keeping

Tags are a way to index your files throughout your memroy-keeping software. You could tag all of the people in a photo, the place, or the holiday. Tags allow you to find photos regardless of which album they are in.

Descriptions in Memory-Keeping

A very important feature of your memory-keeping software is the ability to write a description of the photo. Photos without the story become meaningless very quickly! Make sure you label your photos with a minimum of who, when, where, and what. I would also challenge you to go further and really describe why the photo was taken, what activity is happening in the photo, and feelings associated with the event. Tell the stories that go with your photos!

Search and Filters in Memory-Keeping

In order to make the above features useful, your software should have searching and filtering abilities. You should be able to search for files by the album, tag, or words in the description. It is very helpful to be able to filter the files you are seeing to a time period or specific type of file. Searching and filtering will make finding a specific memory file quick and easy.

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