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Showcase Your Vacation with Photos

Summer is the season when many of us go on vacation. That may be a trip to somewhere far away or it could be a destination close to home. Your trip may involve only you and your immediate family or it could include many other people. No matter what your summer plans are, consider showcasing your vacation by creating personalized photo projects. Read on for ideas about projects that you can create with the photos you take on your vacation.

Showcase your Vacation with Photo books

Make sure to capture all of the people and places you see on your vacation. While on your vacation, make sure to write down all of the details of the places you go, the people you see, and the activities you do. Tell the stories! How did you feel? Was there something special? Record everything you notice – we think we will never forget, but it is incredible how quickly the details fade.

When you are back home, create a photo book to help you relive your vacation and share it with others. Photo books can be very quick and easy to create using Autoprint or you can use more creativity and design your own using design software like Artisan. There are also many pre-done templates that add decoration yet are still quick and easy to create.

Showcase your Vacation with Wall Art

A great way to showcase your vacation is to create wall art. You could create a new canvas or metal print for each trip you take and have a travel wall in your home. Your art could be of beautiful places and/or of the special people that you travel with or visit. In addition to traditional prints in a frame, you can create metal or acrylic prints as well as canvases. Also, consider using coasters as mini-wall hangings to make a collage of some favorite photos. The possibilities are endless!

Showcase your Vacation with Other Photo Projects

In addition to photo books and wall art, there are many other photo projects that you can create to remember your vacation. How about making an ornament for each place you visit? Or a mug to enjoy your warm drinks in the winter and remember your fun vacation. A water bottle will be a frequent reminder of that fun trip. Many people enjoy doing puzzles; how about creating a puzzle with your own photo? Here is a video in which I show how easy it is to create a puzzle. 

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