From Pixels to Projects: Memory-Keeping Tips for Summer Adventures

Now that summer is here, many of us are planning vacations. Summer vacations can be a time of excitement, exploration, and making unforgettable memories. Whether you are going somewhere far from home or choosing a staycation, here are some effective memory-keeping practices you can do to showcase and celebrate your summer adventures.

Before: Set Yourself Up for Success

There are things you can do before you even leave on your adventure to set yourself up for success in capturing and organizing your memories from your vacation.

  1. Create nested albums in your FOREVER storage account that are labeled with the activities that you will be doing on your trip. Examples include “Beach Days,” “City Explorations,” or specific names of the places and sites you will be seeing. These albums will serve as designated spaces to curate and organize your photos during your vacation.
  2. Ensure you have the necessary tools to capture memories effectively. Alongside your camera or smartphone, bring a small notebook or journal and a pen to document details and write down your thoughts and feelings throughout the trip.

During: Capture the Essence of the Moment

While you’re enjoying your summer vacation, make the most of every opportunity to collect memories and moments worth treasuring.

  1. Capture photos of signs, brochures, menus, tickets, and any other physical items that hold significance during your trip. These images can also give information about the things you are seeing such as the exact name of something or the details about the place or item you are seeing.
  2. Make sure to take photos of both the sights and scenery as well as the people you’re traveling with. Candid shots, group photos, and selfies with your loved ones will add a personal touch to your memory collection.
  3. At the end of each day, take a few moments to upload the day’s photos and videos to the appropriate nested album that you set up before your trip. Also, write down a detailed account of what you did, including the activities, locations, and any noteworthy experiences. Don’t forget to express your thoughts and feelings. These reflections will bring depth and context to your memories.

After: Curate, Organize, and Create

Once your summer vacation is over, it’s time to curate and organize your photos and then create meaningful projects to showcase your trip.

  1. Sort and label your photos: Make sure all your photos have been uploaded to your FOREVER storage account and put in the appropriate albums you created before your trip. Label each photo with relevant details and stories, such as the date, location, and memorable moments.
  2. Review your photo collection and delete any duplicates or repetitive shots. Remove any images that are blurry, poorly framed, or don’t contribute to the overall narrative of your vacation.
  3. Transform your memories into tangible keepsakes and gifts that will bring joy and nostalgia whenever you look at them. Consider creating a photo book with detailed captions, designing a Christmas tree ornament featuring a favorite vacation photo, or printing your images on various items like water bottles, mugs, canvases, metal prints, or coasters.

It’s great to keep the magic of your summer vacations alive so you can cherish those moments for years to come. These memory-keeping strategies will make it a breeze to organize, document, and share your adventures. Have a wonderful summer full of creating and capturing wonderful memories!

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