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Skye believes that everyone has a story to tell and that story deserves to be celebrated and preserved.  When she was in Junior High, she was introduced to her family’s story when her family visited her great-grandmother.  Skye sat, enthralled as her mother and great-grandmother flipped through the worn pages of a picture album discussing the story of her ancestors behind each and every picture.  This experience set her off on a family history adventure and instilled in her a love of genealogy.

When Skye had a family of her own, taking pictures was always a priority.  In almost every situation, her children know there will be pictures; lots of pictures.  The captured memories were great, but she faced a dilemma.  The pictures were kept in shoe boxes or “magnetic” albums that she learned were terrible for pictures.  She researched and discovered that quality scrapbooks were a better way to preserve and share the memories of her family.

From her first introduction to scrapbooking, Skye wanted to help others tell their stories and preserve their memories.  In 2000 she started a business to assist in this through traditional scrapbooking. When digital scrapbooking came along, she immediately saw the benefit and jumped wholeheartedly into this new medium and hasn’t looked back.  Her passion for preserving memories has continued and now, she helps people find a permanent, safe home for their memories that can be enjoyed now and for generations to come.

When questioned, many people list their pictures as their most precious possession.  Don’t let your pictures be lost or memories forgotten. Everything needed to give you peace of mind is available right here. Contact Skye and get started preserving your family’s stories today! 

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